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GOKAN Magazine – Ehime Light version (PDF)

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Don’t wait any longer, put on your best shoes and travel with us through Ehime prefecture (愛媛県). Challenge your senses along the pilgrimage paths and discover this land where gods are a part of daily life.




EHIME, a Japan of animated films. Embark on an adventure in southern Japan, on Shikoku Island in Ehime Prefecture (愛媛県). A region far too underestimated, opens its doors to you. With its historical castle, spiritual pilgrimage and Mikan oranges, Ehime is the perfect place to discover a fairytale Japan, far from the mass tourism. Athletes, fond of the great outdoors, are not forgotten with its miles of bicycle trails looking like postcards.

A 150-page Premium Version is coming soon, but until then, a digital version of our “light” magazine, dedicated to Ehime prefecture, is available.

Benefit from 6 downloads and 6 months of updates for free! In this 46-page “light” issue you will find articles on :

  • Niihama Taiko Festival
  • Ohenro Pilgrimage
  • Ehime on a bike
  • Fishing between forest & sea
  • How to get to Ehime

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How do I download the PDF version of the magazine?

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How do I get the magazine on my different devices?

We suggest you to order and download the magazine on your computer first. You can easily transfer the PDF file to your other devices by following the operating manuals of your equipment.

Is there a download limit?

The PDF file is downloadable 6 times for 6 months, which means you can eventually benefit from updates! If you have experienced any technical issues which would have caused you using your download package, please contact us to discuss the issue.


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