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GOKAN Magazine – Izumo DIGITAL version (PDF)

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Enjoy Izumo (出雲国, Izumo no kuni), a mysterious and mystical province located in Chūgoku (known as “the Middle Land). Little known to tourists, although the province has witnessed the birth of the imperial family, along with numerous Japanese legends. Experience the land of clouds, it is only waiting for you!




Far from the tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka, we invite you to explore Izumo. Well-known to Japanese but rarely to foreigners, it is one of those destinations that will touch you forever. Izumo is believed to be a place where the gods meet, it is the home to Japanese myths and legends. Its shrine Izumo-Taisha is the historical place perfectly embodying this mystical and mysterious spirit. Join us on a journey to the land of gods and emperors where you will learn about Japanese traditions and culture!

Our first book-magazine, entirely focussing on Izumo province, is now available in a 142-page digital version for just 6 Euro (or 600 Yen).

Get your copy for only 600 yens and benefit from 6 downloads and 6 months of updates. In this 142-pages digital issue you will find reports on :

  • Jizo Forest
  • Gakuen-ji Temple
  • Izumo’s Mysteries
  • Gods’ Arrival
  • Izumo Taisha
  • The Passa Train
  • Where Clouds are Born
  • Sagiura The village of another time
  • Izumo Man and the Sea
  • From the Sea to your Table
  • The Kimtozukri Ancestral Event
  • Izumo handicrafts
  • Ceramic Men
  • From Kabuki to Kagura
  • Zazen Meditation
  • When the Saruta Hiko come

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How do I download the PDF version of the magazine?

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How do I get the magazine on my different devices?

We suggest you to order and download the magazine on your computer first. You can easily transfer the PDF file to your other devices by following the operating manuals of your equipment.

Is there a download limit?

The PDF file is downloadable 6 times for 6 months, which means you can eventually benefit from updates! If you have experienced any technical issues which would have caused you using your download package, please contact us to discuss the issue.


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